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Pet-friendly timeshares


Pet Friendly Resorts list and reviews coming soon

Your Pet deserves a holiday as well.

Coming soon a must read for all those pet owners who want to ensure they not only select the right resort, but with the expert guidance from world expert Nina Bonddarenko she will show you how to prepare your pet for travel and obtain instant familiarity with a new holiday apartment. Also how to behave in public places and restaurants and process that will show you how your dog should behave with other pets. 

Timeshare resorts provide a range of services for pet owners and amenities that standard hotels cannot compete with.

If you are a pet owner you don't have to leave your four-legged family member at home. A pet friendly timeshare can be a solution that enables you to include the whole family so no one misses out in all the fun, without worrying if your pet is receiving the care they deserve.

There is no need to struggle to find a kennel or pet sitter that can be stressful and expensive options when you can request a pet friendly timeshare resort.

Selecting a resort

Ensure you select an appropriate resort to suit your pet taking into account location as well. If for example you have an active dog your need to ensure the there are dog friendly activities nearby the resort with dog parks and ample walking space around the resort. Better still if you have nature trails and hiking opportunities nearby with fields and ponds is a great way to spend time with your pet. A busy city maybe to much for some dogs and are perhaps more suitable for smaller dogs.

Preparation ask your resort the following questions

Ensure you call ahead – as literature you may have on the resort could be dated and the guidelines could have changed as the resort could impose restrictions with certain types of dog breeds and even number of pets allowed.

A couple of days before traveling, check in with the resort again to ensure that all relevant information is accurate and to remind the concierge that you'll be arriving not only with your luggage, but with a four-legged companion as well.

Ask About the Pet Policy - Some resorts have differing opinions as to what "pet-friendly" means. For most resorts, "pet friendly" means that animals are welcome in rooms and common areas. However, some resorts consider themselves "pet friendly" simply by offering on-site kennel accommodations.

Additional Expenses - Keep in mind that some resorts may charge additional "pet fees" or "pet deposits" to cover any potential damages to the resort caused by your pet.


Very Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!


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