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Disable Friendly holidays

Providing Disability Support:

Read our article Providing Disability Support by our expert guest-writer Dave Budgen.

Everyone needs a holiday and time away is a great stress breaker
no matter where you are in life. We all need that change from lifes
normal routine. 

Holidaying with a disability or a mobility issue just means that we have to put in a little more preparation. Timeshare resorts are a great  alternative to traditional hotels as many disabled travelers have already discovered.   

Timeshare apartments are much more spacious than traditional hotel rooms, offering living rooms and dining areas. A big plus is the Kitchens - Especially for those with special dietary needs, finding acceptable restaurants in an unfamiliar area can be a chore. Timeshare suites can offer fully equipped kitchens.

Preparation is key each holiday should be treated like a little project.  

Lets break this down to bite size chunks and plan well ahead. The more you do this the simpler it will become.  

Your mini project starts here just use what’s relevant to your next trip.  

1) If flying:  contact each airline, before you leave and make sure both you and they understand what is required to assist you. This follows through for cruises  and hotels

2) Transport If travelling abroad you should take the time to research the country and area you intend to visit. Basic knowledge can be obtained via Google, but contact a disable group that is familar with your disability and if they dont know then I am sure they can point you in the right direction. Some knowledge of the modes of travel, types of architecture, and cultural ignorances you may encounter will be invaluable to you in planning a stress free and successful trip.

If you are wheelchair bound accessibility is a priority this is one of the main obstacles when travelling. 

3) The Timeshare Resort I am sure you are familiar with your own resort and selected an apartment that suits your requirements. However when exchanging your resort week dont just rely on information in brochures or websites. It is essential to contact the resort directly before accessing a timeshare holiday at a resort you are considering requesting. Make sure you speak to a staff member If you have specific needs. Make sure it's a  staff member who can advise how they can accommodate your disability.  

Always take a staff name and I would suggest you contact again to double check. 

Don’t discount a resort if it does not have all what's required to support your needs there are local mobility services that can rent out mobile support services. Where can I get all of this information. Most of the information you will find can be obtained via the Internet or in a book. Also there will be various charities  

4) Medication This is obvious, but you would not be the first one to leave this at home. Also take a note of your medication if an emergancy at least a pharmisist or a doctor can support you if medication gets lost or even stolen!

5) Doctors note there may be certain activities that may require a doctor’s note. You need to get an idea of what you are planning on this trip and check this out.

6) Insurance don’t go cheap on this get value for money and insure that it provides adequate cover

7) Hiring mobile support services Contact the experts review this interview with the disability services expert Dave Budgeon Providing Disability Support

8) Attractions check these out before your holiday! Google is your friend and this will direct you to the websites promoting the attraction you are considering.

9) Groupon Google "Groupon" or its equivalent they operate out of 48 countries and perhaps they may just cover the area you intend to visit. if so join a 2-3 months before your holiday for the area you plan to visit. They offer discounts to attractions and meals for example. 

10) Restaurants. This makes sense especially if you have special dietary needs. A simple email is all it takes and you can ask questions if you have a wheel chair and need to know how you can be accommodated. 

11) Plan and list your itinerary don’t leave anything to chance

12) Travel insurance this again is essential ensure that you read the fine print. Check out a disability group find out that has knowledge on this and ask questions.

13) Groceries Ask is there a grocery store on site. If not could the resort arrange a delivery? Failing that could they recommend a store that would?

14) Travel light how many times have brought something and never used it? Double check why carry dead weight?

Preparation and planning is part of the fun and build up to your holiday and ensures that its stress free!

Read as much as you can on travelling with a disability after a while this will become second nature to you. The country you currently live in may have specific rules and regulations this may not be the case when travelling abroad. By becoming more informed about disabled travel services and disability travel resources, will lessen the anxiety that often accompanies disabled travelers. 

Further reading

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I will look forward to your tips and comments to support your fellow timeshare owners.

Very Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!


Any typos, grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously deliberate and free as my gift to you.