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Cruising with a disability

By our expert guest-writer Dave Budgen.

Q  -  How has your relationship developed with the major
cruise carriers?

We are looking to continue extending the range and research each product prior to introducing it on to the hire fleet. We check the suitability of the equipment for the client and the cruise providers and are building a dossier of equipment specifically appropriate for each cabin. We have taken months to develop a booking system which has allowed us to capture information about the liners, cabins, cruise schedules, accessibility of the ports and locations, our associated website is very informative and we will be proud to launch a new section on the site where clients will be able to view their cabin with the standard equipment in, so they will know what to expect when they arrive. We are building solid relationships with sister companies to ensure that the service is “whole” and almost holistic in its approach.

As previously mentioned we have worked tirelessly towards providing a seamless and usable service for all concerned. We made it a priority to understand the policies of the different providers and proved to them that they could extend the services offered to their clients by using Mobility at Sea, we carried out extensive market research and asked our clients on their return how they felt about the service and equipment – we collate the information and advise the providers accordingly. The major providers have listened to our feedback and as a result we are all offering a level of service which is unparalleled- truly benefiting all concerned.

Q  -  You ve seen a lot of growth in the cruise side of
your business in recent years  -  what do you put this
down to?

We have invested our time between the cruise providers and the general public. Our business has grown organically as we have been successful in analysing the products and services that our clients require to make their cruises even more enjoyable and beneficial. We have found that less able travelers have previously had to compromise on their comfort as the products were not available or they had the hassle of bring their own equipment which in most cases was a logistical nightmare. In addition to this they have to check their own equipment through the baggage process and then wait for it to be delivered to their cabin which can take hours.  When using Mobility at Sea the equipment is placed in situ in the cabin ready for the clients arrival and it is removed after disembarkation. All of the equipment is sterilised prior to delivery and is labeled to ensure that the right equipment goes to the right clients. Our company ethos is Home or Away – our Clients are for life !This has benefitted the cruise providers too…

Q  -  What could the industry do further to improve
passengers mobility at sea?

The easiest way to improve passengers mobility at sea is to refer clients to Mobility at Sea – we will assess all clients and allocate the most appropriate equipment for them and the cabin, which is also compliant with the cruise providers policies. We need to ensure that we have open communication with all parties at all times and that all are aware of the problems the less able have that way we can ensure that the passengers are given every opportunity to take advantages of all aspects of their cruise as oppose to being limited or compromised. 

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