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The Big Picture: "It is important to the Timeshare Industry that there are happy, contented timeshare owners making the very best use of their timeshare ownership. This will assist in promoting the benefits of timeshare to a wider audience of non-timeshare owners who may be family and friends. Happy owners will be keen to share their holiday experience with those they care about."

We have to get back to the basics of timeshare and work back from the consumers needs. The main reason most of us become timeshare owners is due to the concept of being able to timeshare exchange and take quality holidays. “Timeshare Weekly” is all about providing simple solutions to make timeshare really work for you. 

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A high percentage of timeshare owners are not aware of the various options available to them in timeshare and are therefore not making the most effective use of their timeshare. This then gives the impression to some of us that timeshare does not work. It is important that you review your Exchange System and focus on the key areas here are the Top 4 tips to obtaining that dream exchange holiday

We would also suggest you consider other Exchange Companies that you can join freely that could provide you with additional options.

Find out why so many timeshare owners lose out on some dream holidays. Lets create some great memories and have some special holiday experiences to tell the folks back home. 8 Key areas that will enable you to design your timeshare holiday experience

Why is timeshare generally viewed as a negative?

The perception of anyone reviewing timeshare for the first time on the Internet is going to be influenced by the media focusing on a negative aspect of timeshare. As the saying goes it "sells newspapers".

This conflicts with the vast majority of timeshare owners who have indicated on various surveys that they are happy with their timeshares, enjoying quality holidays.  

We seem, as an Industry obsessed with the few scam companies out there. Whenever timeshare seems to be mentioned it's about some negativity. Websites are dominated with forums full of threads on the bad guys. If the resorts had the resource and the experience their members would not be seeking out answers elsewhere. 

Rarely do we see anyone promoting anything positive about timeshare and if they do it's usually because they got something to sell!

"You will never reach your destination if you throw stones at every dog that barks" Winstone Chuchill

All Industries have their bad guys. Timeshare is no different than any other Industry; It is a shame though that a small minority of ‘bad guys hampers our Industry.

There maybe some Resorts and Timeshare Groups out there with some draconian rules not in line with the 21st century, but they will need to change, as quite simply they will not attract additional owners, as they are becoming well known. 

Timeshare resorts know that maintaining a clubs membership is imperative to any resort and their focus must be on what's right for the timeshare owner. Those groups that focus on this are here for the long term; this simple strategy is the future of timeshare, that's what Timeshare Weekly is working towards supporting the timeshare owner. If we get that right everything else will fall in to place.

Timeshare Weekly is mainly showing you how to make timeshare work for you. 

How the Timeshare Owner Can Help to Promote
a Positive Perception of Timeshare.

There is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind.

Those timeshare owners who have not had similar experiences as other fellow timeshare owners in “Why Timeshare” should read and follow the “Timeshare Weekly” articles, as they will help educate the inexperienced timeshare owner, who perhaps, through no fault of their own, does not know how to effectively work the system. Let’s change your view first!

We need your Testimonials! Share your positive experiences in timeshare by adding your own testimonial at the end of the “Why Timeshare?” link.

If you know of anyone considering timeshare for the first time, please ask them to read through the articles starting with “Why timeshare: is the right choice?”

Let’s get the message out there and pass on these “live” articles to our friend’s as most can be forwarded on to friends within the articles. 

On holiday you may talk to owners struggling making timeshare work for them. Let them know that Timeshare Weekly is free and available to help.

Read this you have been warned! Confessions of a Timeshare Scammer? 

As in all industries, the bad guys do exist but they are easy to avoid with a little advice. Let’s put them out of business by educating our friends. Let’s stay one step ahead. Let us educate and help each other. With a little knowledge comes understanding. If we each act and take little steps together, then we can make a difference.

This year I made a point of attending a joint conference hosted jointly by RDO (Resort Developer Organisation) and TATOC the (Timeshare Association) This was a first and this would follow a presentation by various professionals in the Industry and would end with an open discussion behind closed doors. This was the first time that I had know of anything like this happening before. 

This gave me the opportunity to ask a few questions that included Licensing and Exit Strategies. This was an excellent meeting and I believe the Industry would benefit from something like this held on a regular basis. 

This was attended by Leaders in the timeshare Industry who travelled as far away as Australia, South Africa and the USA to name a few countries. 

I had the pleasure of meeting with Howard Nusbaum President American Resort Development Association. This was followed by an engaging conversation with Patrick Duffy Chief Experience Officer of Diamond Resorts about providing Disability support to the timeshare member and the launch of their new Solo club. I was also impressed with some of the questioning from Stuart Lamont Executive Chairman of Club Leisure Group that was put to the panel. There is clearly a lot of experience and we just need to be able to tap into that. 

Collectively they virtually represent Timeshare. This was about sharing ideas on how to make this an even better Industry and experience for the timeshare owner.

The European Timeshare Industry has just launched a new initiative with a support service called The Timeshare Task Force. This is where we can check out Companies if we wish with their simple business check system.  What other Industry has this support service? Timeshare is moving forward all the time. 

The solutions are out there but it has to be worked through at grass root level. 

If you have any suggestions regarding areas you would like discussed on a future article please submit some details. There are some very experienced timeshare owners out there - and we welcome your input! If this becomes a popular request than we shall produce an article on this in the future. We are also interested in hearing from you if you have any ideas that you feel would have a positive impact on the Timeshare Industry. Please email me direct at contact Graham via email

How the Individual resorts can help to promote
a positive perception of timeshare?

That could just involve some very simple changes that will be covered soon in Timeshare Weekly in another section called Resorts Making it Work

Future articles in “Timeshare Weekly” will be based on your comments and requests.

Timeshare is a great concept. It just has to be worked with a little knowledge

Thank you for taking the time to read the information.

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